Združenje za promet in prometno infrastrukturo Slovenije

[Association for Transport and Transport Infrastructure of Slovenia]


Družba za raziskave v cestni in prometni stroki Slovenije d.o.o.

[The Company for Research in the Road and Rraffic Profession of Slovenia LLC]

Encouraging the development, promotion and cooperation of various professions in the field of transport and transport infrastructure

Publishing professional literature and organize professional meetings and trainings in this field

Coordinating the work of Slovenian associations and transport experts in the field of transport and transport infrastructure and the partners of DRC

Cooperating with NK PIARC and IRF – International Road Federation

About DRC

DRC – Company for Research in the Road and Traffic Profession of Slovenia LLC was founded in 1991 by the Ljubljana Road Association and the Northeastern Slovenia Road Association with its headquarters in Maribor. Later, the Primorska Roads Association, the Dolenjska Roads Association and the Slovenian Asphalt Pavers Association joined the economic organization.

The company was set up on the model of similar companies in neighboring Austria and Germany. Hence the unusual name of the company, which derives from the translation of the names of the companies in Austria “Forschungsgesellschaft für Strassen und Verkehrswesen”. Among the most important activities of the Austrian and German experts’ organizations was the preparation, publication and distribution of guidelines and other technical specifications for the road sector. These are technical regulations that supplement or temporarily replace not yet established European standards, directives and other technical regulations.

The Slovenian company DRC was also planned to take over the organization of the preparation of Technical Specifications for Public Roads, which were determined by the new Public Roads Act, but the preparation of regulations was later taken over by the Roads Directorate of Slovenia.

The contract establishing the DRC defines activities that are comparable in content to those carried out by associations of professional associations. However, the founders of DRC decided because the activities of DRC, in terms of liability and financial resources, exceeded the usual scope of activities of associations or federations to establish an economic organization as a limited liability company. Supervision and direction of the company’s work is performed by the Supervisory Board, which consists of representatives of five DRC member companies, which supervises and confirms the business decisions of the Management Board and ensures the legality of the company’s operations. The five-member Program Council assists the director of the company in the preparation and adoption of program starting points and the professional orientation of the company’s operations.

The company represents the interests of Slovenian associations in the field of roads, transport and transport infrastructure at home and abroad. It organizes various professional meetings and trainings in terms of scope and content, which have been attended by more than 19,500 domestic and foreign experts since the company’s establishment. More than 4,000 authors discussed over 2,600 professional papers at these meetings.

Among the major professional meetings organized by DRC during its operation are the Road Days in 1991, 1993, 1995 and 1997, fourteen biennial Slovenian Congresses on Roads and Transport, internationally XIII. Danube Conference of Geotechnicians and European Conference TRA – Transport Research Arena 2008.

The company is a publisher of professional literature: proceedings, guidelines and textbooks, professional books, monographs and various brochures, either at professional meetings or on other occasions.

DRC is a member and actively participates in the global IRF, International Road Federation, which has program training centers in Geneva, Brussels and Washington, and is a member of PIARC, World Road Association and cooperates with related professional organizations from neighboring and other European countries.

Usually at large professional meetings, the company awards various recognitions to the best domestic and foreign experts, either for their life’s work or for outstanding professional achievements.

The company plans to expand the circle of participating civil associations with various professional activities with the aim of upgrading the professional level of operation, implementing an interdisciplinary approach and increasing the reputation of active interconnected professions working in the field of road and other transport infrastructure.